Speak, listen and laugh in English.


Shane you won’t believe it! It’s incredible! When I watched single episodes for dictation, my understanding was around 60%. But after I have worked on them with your answer and explanation videos and watch the whole 23 minute episode that you sent me, my understanding rose up to 99%! At one moment while watching I realized that it felt as if I was watching it in my native language — it was easy and complete understanding! You have done an amazing job, coach! This helped me to realize the HUGE progress that I have made so far! Thanks a lot!!




Dear Coach Shane,

I am writing this email to thank you for your dedication and inspiration that you gave me through your classes and lessons.
All this time I have been struggling with achieving my desired IELTS score which is 7 in all four sections and finally I’ve got it.
I want to say that your advice to use writing mastery classes with Coach Matt and being involved in Clive’s speaking club really helped me a lot and I only regret that I did not start these classes earlier. Anyway, I am thankful for that clear serendipity that guided me to your English classes and I am sure that together we can master English.
Thanks again,
Attached my results.

Michael E.



Hello Coach Shane.

I’m Ryoko, one of the your DDM class students from Japan.
I want to say thank you.
Because I got latest TOEIC test result and my hearing score is improved. 100 score up from last exam!!
Actually I got 705 score. Hearing score is 435! (Perfect score is 495)
I couldn’t have done this without your Podcast and DDM.
My next step is reading and speaking but this result give me a confident to communicate with English speakers.
Again, Thank you so much Coach Shane.
I continue to learn English with your class.




Hi again Coach Shane. I am back to DDM. I will be taking my board exam in 4 month and I am trying to improve my pronunciation  and  talk faster. It was really interesting in DDM 119 what you explained how little and probably become li’l and probly. It’s always a pleasure to learn with you. I had tried  thousands of software, online classes, programs, Rosetta Stone, Pronunciation Workshops, Speech Therapy lessons but  there is nothing compared with your English lessons. They are amazing and being you such a good looking teacher make much easier to watch the videos. I understand that you are having the live hangouts. Coud you please tell me what days? I won’t be able to participate every week but I would like to participate  in one of them. Again thanks for all the knowledge you are passing on. Have a wonderful day!!!

Ariadnis U.



I love and appreciate your lessons very much!!! Enjoying your lessons almost has become my habit. Although my English overall, especially speaking is still very far from a good level, I could talk with professors, present a research paper at an international conference, pass TOEFL iBT 102 out of 120, get (EU) visa, travel, and so on. In addition, your lessons show me American culture, and stimulus me investigate/learn more and more by myself. Observing how you are working hard, running your own business, talking with students, inspire me a lot.

Tran Minh Hai



Hi Shane,

I’ve just finished watching ACC called “Naturally boost metabolism”. I just can’t resist to thank you for this stuff. It’s something incredible. It brings awesome pictures, great comments, extensive knowledge and relevant to everyone information into the mix. It’s good for  both medicine students and average people who want to lead a better life. So inspirational and motivating. I’m going to share it with my friends and family. All your ACC are interesting but this one is the best, bar none.

Thank you for your wonderful job.

Andrzej Z.



 My name is Joanna and I`m a mother. I`m native to Poland but I live in USA(this expression I have learned from your DD). 🙂 I came to Chicago 9 years ago and I really like this place. Four years ago we moved into suburbs for better school for my daughter- Julia. In two weeks she will start kindergarten.

I would like to share with you my experience. I have learned English 15 years ago in my country and I had really good notes at school. English  was one of my favorite subject.One day my cousin invited me to Chicago and When I came here I totally did not understand anything. It was disaster. Of course I knew grammar rules but I did not know daily English, I did not understand what people said to me :-(.In Poland we did not have native speakers, only polish teachers who had totally different accent.
I have found your lessons when I was looking for English listening on You Tube. And I said to myself-BINGO!!! You are great Shane, you help me a lot. My English is better and better. I listen and repeat, listen and repeat. I really enjoy it.  Thanks to Max from Russia who made Android app I can listen your podcast when I go to work!!! Thank you very much, big kowtow :)( I was listening this expression today).
The another person who teach me is my child, she just graduated her preschool. At home we speak only polish because my English is not fluently but I hear what she talks to her friends at the playground, how she talks to her dolls. I would like to for her to be bilingual.
Thank you again Shane…and BIG HUG for you!!!!
Do not forget to send me 8 free lessons 🙂
In the nearest future I would like to join DDM open.
Joanna Lason



Hi coachShane, My name is Jerry Mora, from San Jose, Costa Rica. I am sixty five, and I live in San Jose, Costa Rica. English is my second language and I keep learning and practicing English more and more everyday, In my teens we studied  English with simple books, now a day with the technology discovered we  have excellent English classes at home. Ain’t that something? Thank you for your English program, Clear pronunciation, intonation, phonetics, makes your English classes the best. At my age I have gone through many courses, but this is the best I have seen. Thanks Again CoachShane. Have a very Happy New Year. NOTE: English provided me  with the best jobs through in my career.


Costa Rica

I am writing an email to share you happy news. I talked to some American Professors at university of Alabama and Canada. But this time, I have not heard the single  disgusting word like” pardon” “Say it again” ,and “repeat it” it means I am being understood by American and Canadian people especially professionals like University professor.

i think my pronunciation has improved. Thanks for your training and coaching. I feel so happy. And I’m sure you will be.
Thanks for everything,




Hello Coach Shane ı wanted to thank you for helping me getting “upper-intermediate” level.

Today ı joined a english test that was related to determination of grade. And the exam center is one of the most popular english course in my city.

Exam was consisting of three sections. First grammar and vocabulary second part was “writing” and the last section was “speaking” and” listening.”

I performed as  “advanced level” for first section. Then others sections were at “upper-intermediate”

Now ım really happy to sharing this with you and ddm lessons worked well for me though ı havent joined any live sessions due to my shyness also ı have to work on it as well. ^^

Thanks for being my coach ^^  Have a great 2016

Arslan G.



I’m here just to say thank you!
I’m one of your (worst) ddm student, since a couple of months. I thought I have not learned so much so far.. But yesterday I ran into (I’ve learned this expression from you.. 😉 ) an american guy. Normally I’d got all tongue-tied, but this time I took the courage, I jumped in a conversation and … magically I could understand him!! And I was able to speak, too! Actually not very well, but he could understand what I was saying!
So I just want to say thank you. I ‘m learning a lot from your lessons! 😉

Greetings form Italy.





Thank you , Dear Shane !
It’s your job . It means after one year  I have no stress to talk. I easy passed interview . Just the first three months – the brain was exploded especially during the night . The brain was working during the night as well . The most horrible thing was -when I received the tasks in English I couldn’t realize what they want me to do and how . It was a huge stress.
So, I never thought that Americans work so hard . I know Russian work hard but not so hard like Americans. All my co-workers work about 10-12 hours per day ( native English speakers). For me it take more time to do things because of English problems. And I am getting so exhausted that I have no live anymore.
We have a lot of tasks ( usually in three times more then able to  do human beings)
All people in my company are overloaded. My family have lost me . My kids are without my attention. I wanted to get a good job and be successful but now I am thinking about people who makes money they don’t have a personal live and they  lose  a health because of stress, pressure  and huge overload and they usually lose kids and has no family.
I ask to myself what do I want now ? What to do next ?  We have only one life and i need to my family.
Now I don’t know the answer .
Now I am trying to get through it to get experience, to get English practice. I think the English will improve after three month , when stress is a little bit down . So right now I use the change a get to improve my English and get experience and I did it because of you.
I want you to know – it is your job – your classes work!!!! – that’s is totally your job
Thank you so much for it !
I very appreciate your job , your help and support!
And I am ready to share with my experience with preparation to the interview, or any other question about work and how to find work – I am ready to share with your students if anyone wants
Thank you so much again



Hi Coach Shane teacher, I’m so happy today when I just suddenly watched Friends comedy without English subtitles and I can listen almost the content. That is the result after 56 lessons I learnt from your video. Thanks so much. I’ll keep this training to the end.




I am preparing for Neccs and CET6 and Catti-3 in China and your listening courses help me a lot!!




After several months of studying DDM and PIRF classes the improvement my pronunciation and comprehension of English is tremendous. My English study journey went back more than 30 uyears ago but only during recent several years I started to really focus on improving my English pronunciation. I have tried many ESL classes both online and in person. I have to say I failed most of thoses classes and the repetitive failure kept undermining my confidence in speaking English. Your courses are so efficient, accessible and definitely the best on the planet!

Steve Wang


I’m watching US Presidential Debate on CNN. Thanks to DDM, I can understand what’s happening.



@Coachshane Hello, Shane. I’m a studnet at MDC in FL USA. My teacheer use your good videos to study English. You are the best teacher!



I want to say thanks to you. I was able to follow the presidential campagin. It was great listening video on Youtube, news and everything in English. It is unbelievable for me, only 3 years studying with you and now I’m able tp do that. Thanks to you, Miguel and your great community I can understand more about America.



Thank you Coach Shane. After listen your hundreds podcasts on Spotify, I have been keeping my interest to improve my English skills everyday. I just reached overall 6.5 on IELTS computer based and your classes were quite responsible to persuade that goal with humor and happiness! To be honest with you, please, keep this job! Congratulations! See you around! Greetings from Brazil!

Emerson W.


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