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Days:   Hours:   Minutes:   Seconds


This is the DDM VIP and DDM WEEKLY class schedule. All times are LA (Los Angeles) time. Please go to GOOGLE to find out your local time.

For example: GOOGLE: Tuesday 8am in Los Angeles is what time in Moscow

DAY           TIME         COACH

Tue        3am                      Matt               VIP ONLY                           

Tue         5am                      Richard          VIP + DDM Weekly

Tue        8:30am                 Miguel            VIP Invitation only (email Coach Miguel)          

Wed       4am                      Matt               VIP ONLY                                  

Wed       4pm                      Francis           VIP ONLY               

Thu        12 (noon)              Milos              VIP + DDM Weekly

Thu        5:30pm                 CS                  VIP ONLY Twice each month

Fri          6am                      CS                  VIP ONLY Twice each month

Fri          8:30pm                 Richard          VIP + DDM Weekly

Sat         3:30am                 Matt               VIP + DDM Weekly

Sat         4:30am                 Clive               VIP ONLY                           

Sat         11:30am               Miguel            VIP Invitation only (email Coach Miguel)

Sat         8:30pm                 Richard          VIP ONLY                                  

Sat         11pm                    Francis           VIP ONLY               

Sun        3am                      Francis           VIP + DDM Weekly

Sun        5am                      Matt               VIP ONLY                           

Sun         8:00am               Miguel            VIP Invitation only (email Coach Miguel)!

Sun        12 (noon)              Milos              VIP ONLY

Coach Shane has 4 additional AMA LIVE classes each month. The times are Fridays at 5:30pm LA and Saturdays at 6am LA. Every month Coach Shane posts his schedule in the Members’ Folder on BOX.

For more information, please email us at HELP@LetsMasterEnglish.com