PIRF China/Russia

Speak, listen and laugh in English.

New Year 2020 Sale starts on Jan 1st!

Days:   Hours:   Minutes:   Seconds

Hangout Schedule

PIRF China Class

Day            Beijing TIME

Sat              7pm                          Lan

PIRF Russia Classes

Day            Moscow TIME

Mon            9pm                          Gulya  (1st and 3rd Monday of every month)

Sun              6pm                         Vlad  (2nd and 4th Sunday of every month)

PIRF China and Russia members can also attend PIRF Weekly LIVE classes as a bonus!

Day              LA Time

Tue             6:30am                     Clive

Wed            7am                          Matt

Fri               3am                          Matt

Fri               5:30am                    Paul

Sun             4am                         Paul