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This is the PIRF VIP and PIRF WEEKLY class schedule. All times are LA (Los Angeles) time. Please go to GOOGLE to find out your local time.

For example: GOOGLE: Tuesday 8am in Los Angeles is what time in Moscow

Tue          6:30am           Clive                     VIP + PIRF WEEKLY

Tue          8am                Matt                     VIP ONLY

Wed        7am                Matt                      VIP + PIRF WEEKLY

Wed        8:30am           Miguel                  VIP Invitation only (email Coach Miguel)

Thu         4am                Matt                      VIP ONLY

Fri           3am                Matt                     VIP + PIRF WEEKLY

Fri           5:30am           Paul                      VIP + PIRF WEEKLY  

Sat          2am                Matt                     VIP ONLY

Sat          5:30am           Paul                      VIP + PIRF WEEKLY

Sun         6:30am           Clive                     VIP ONLY

Sun         4am                Paul                      VIP + PIRF WEEKLY

Coach Shane has 4 LIVE AMA classes each month. The times are Fridays at 5:30pm LA and Saturdays at 6am LA. Each class runs for at least 60 minutes—often much longer! Every month Coach Shane posts his schedule in the Student Folder.

For more information, please email us at HELP@LetsMasterEnglish.com