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This is our MOST POPULAR course! Learn by watching real Americans speaking real English on TV, the news, documentaries, talk shows, podcasts––everywhere. And Coach Shane will show you ALL the pronunciation tricks so that you can not only HEAR what Americans are saying, but you can SAY IT, too! Of course, you get the cultural background, idioms, phrasal verbs…EVERYT


Do you want to speak better in English? PIRF will help you master Pronunciation, Intonation, Rhythm and Flow. Those are the four key parts of “speaking” American English. Study on your own OR with a coach!

LME Weekly

LME Weekly includes 3 DDM and 1 PIRF lesson every month–study one lesson a week! You can study on your own, but we highly recommend you take the LIVE classes, too. Check the schedule and choose the time best for you.

Action English

Action English is for upper Intermediate to Advanced students only. Discussions on current issues and news. Learn to use the RIGHT words and expressions at the RIGHT time. Build speaking confidence.

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Student Testimonials

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I am a medical doctor and live in US. I used to get stressed at work because of my accent. After studying with DDM, I speak fluently like my native speaker colleagues. I look forward to going to work now!



I recently got a big promotion! I immigrated to Canada from China and work for a big corportation. For many years, I struggled a lot with company presentations. But after taking DDM and PIRF, I’ve improved so much and now my boss sends me out to represent our company!



I’m a business studies student in Europe. I used to buy a lot of Ostkantpizza (Pizza in Sweden!) but decided to use my pizza money to invest in improving my English instead! I have a very busy school schedule so LME courses are perfect for me!



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